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Product classification
Sophisticated machinery and equipment
NERT will as in the past to "quality first,
customer first" principle, with superb technology,
sophisticated equipment, to create excellent quality.
Professional technical team
NERT the strength of technology companies, R & D from the bearing to sales, have senior professional knowledge and research experience in the industry.
Precision testing equipment
NERT has a complete set of testing equipment,
the product is flexible three coordinate measuring machine
Precision detection of the important equipment,
improve the measurement accuracy and detection speed.
Reasonable price positioning
NERT has passed ISO quality system certification, we will serve customers at home and abroad with high quality products, reasonable prices and enthusiasm.

Luoyang naierte Precision Bearing Co., Ltd located in the ancient capital of nine dynasties in Luoyang". Registered trademark for NERT. Is a collection of bearing research and development, manufacturing, sales in one of the modern enterprise, our company has advanced production equipment, the use of advanced production technology and modern testing equipment to be carefully crafted. It is a......【View more】

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